Blog Move

Because of my switch from children's to adult writing. I am now over at my writer blog. If you wish to visit me there you will see I now write historical novels. Glynis Smy (writer)

Many thanks for your support of Nissi Peters and Chewy Chester.


Chewy Goes Live!

The back cover is lime green

Chewy Chester Meets Wallis Worm is now available via Click to Purchase.


A New Year for Chewy and Friends

Happy New Year from Nissi and Chewy.

During the festive period I made a big decision. Chewy Chester Meets Wallis Worm will be self published via
I had several requests for the book and wonderful feedback from those who read it for me. After a couple of rejections, I decided that I want the book in print. I have written the story of Chewy and friends for any future grandchildren I might be blessed with. It is not hugely important to me if I have an agent or publisher for my project. I love it and want to share it with children and parents, not have it sitting around in slush piles for all eternity.
More and more writers are turning to self publishing for small projects. I think providing the work is edited to the best level as possible, then it can be a fun thing to do. I had a few problems with the upload, but eventually managed to rise to the challenge. I have kept my silly scribble drawings, to me they are all part of the package.
The book will not be the worlds biggest selling book for children, I really do not mind. If one child reads it and enjoys it, then I will be thrilled.

So watch this space for further news.


Apologies and Decisions

My apologies for neglecting this blog. I have been writing in the NaNoWriMo challenge, and am pleased to say I have finished. I wrote 50,000 words in three weeks. It was an adult historical novel. Snippets can be read over at my Glynis Smy site.

Chewy Chester has had another rejection, so I am now seriously considering self publishing. I have used before, but now will try CreateSpace with Amazon.
The reason why I am going to become an 'indie', is because the feedback from parents, and children who have read the manuscript is extremely positive. I will include my silly drawings too, I might not complete the series for sometime, but Chewy Chester Meets Wallis Worm, might get a chance to sit on a shelf.